What is PeachPay?

PeachPay is an online checkout experience platform that uses QR codes to make the checkout process as fast and convenient as possible.

Think of Stripe, but instead of presenting the customer with fields to enter their information, you present a QR code for a product or cart of products. The customer, already having entered their information once in the PeachPay mobile app, simply needs to scan the QR code and confirm the purchase.

PeachPay button on an e-commerce website

If an existing PeachPay user comes across your online store and sees a product that they want to buy, it only takes three simple steps for them to make the purchase happen (click the PeachPay icon, scan the code, and confirm the purchase), making it the fastest checkout experience out there.

What if the customer is on a mobile device only and cannot scan the QR code? They'll see this button instead!

PeachPay button without QR code that is shown to users on mobile browsers

Use the menu on the left to explore PeachPay and to get started using PeachPay in your online store.