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Currency Switcher Settings

Currency Switcher

PeachPay has a built currency switching feature. Currencies added to the list will be available to switch to in the checkout window or via widget. Specific Currencies must be added to switch to that currency. Errors may occur when paired with external currency switcher plugins.s

1. Enable the currency switcher

Enable or disable the currency switcher. Below is what the currency switcher looks like in the checkout window.

2. Frequency of auto-update

Determines how often PeachPay will grab currency conversion rate information. PeachPay auto -determines currency conversion rates which you can find under 7 Conversion rate.

3. Remove currency

Remove the corresponding currency from the list.

4. Add new currency

Add a new currency to the list of currencies to switch to.

5. Currency

Select a currency from a wide variety of currencies.

6. Auto Update

Enable or disable automatic conversion rates.

7. Conversion Rate

By default conversion rate is an automatic. If 6 auto update is not enabled the conversion rate can be manually chosen.

8. Decimals

Provide how many decimal places the chosen currency uses. For example USD uses 2 decimal places.

9. Rounding

Round up, down, or to the nearest value when converting from base currency to selected currency.

10. Used in theese countries

Select the country or countries that the selected currency is allowed in.