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Troubleshooting and Support Guide

Test Mode

PeachPay has built in functinoality that allows you as the admin to test PeachPay's functionality on your store. For instructions on making payments in test mode please see our Test Mode Payments Doc. When test mode is enabled only admins will be able to see the PeachPay checkout button allowing you to test features without your shoppers seeing.

Reaching out to PeachPay support

If your own troubleshooting doesn't solve the issue feel free to reach out to PeachPay support by emailing [email protected]
Please try provide the following information when you reach out to us.

  • What PeachPay settings are you using? (Screenshots)
  • What WooCommerce settings are you using? (Screenshots)
  • Other Plugins that may have similar functionality to what PeachPay provides. For example if you are using a currency switcher plugin with PeachPay issues can arise since PeachPay has a built in currency switcher.
  • Order IDs, Product IDs, and any other relevant ID for a specific transaction or occurence.
  • The time and date the issue happened
  • Other relevant screen shots and information

Also make sure to keep your plugin activated in Test Mode. This allows us to troubleshoot the issue on our end. PeachPay will not show to customers while in Test Mode.